More apprenticeships in Hungary


The project aims at developing a CBA tool, which can be used primarily in Hungary with the help of accessible studies and professional literature. The partnership intends this tool to be practical, which makes apprenticeship attractive and predictable. Based on available methodologies a pilot tool would be developed, which could be disseminated to companies, institutions or member states where the situation of dual training is not efficient enough. CBA methodology would be used according to the the guidelines of the EU Commission, and would also rely on the findings of the “Green Book” issued by the government of the United Kingdom.

In order to promote apprenticeships it is essential to study, assess, take over and apply good practices. During the project period partners will study good practices from Austria and Switzerland.

Project’s results

At the preparatory phase of the project, the partnership gathers professional literature on the apprenticeships system in Hungary and costs and benefit reviews in the EU.

In order to collect the necessary data and have a thorough understanding of the existing systems in Austria, Hungary and Switzerland, the partnership organise study visits.

A tool for cost-benefit-analysis will be developed through the collection of national empirical data and if the tool proves to be feasible, it will be developed as an online interactive calculator.

Result 1 Needs Analysis of the situation of apprenticeships system in Hungary
Result 2 Study visits and combined transfer seminars in Austria, Hungary and Switzerland
Result 3 Development and use of a tool for the cost-benefit-analysis of work-based apprenticeships
Result 4 “More Apprenticeships in Hungary” Action Plan