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CBA calculator

The project partnership prepared the prototype of the cost-benefit calculator, the Austrian partners provided feedback, then experts fine-tuned and finalized the tool. The use of official data for basic estimates was especially valuable (although it was really time-consuming to obtain the official data). The basic dimensions and variants of the calculator by now rely on quantitative, extensive empirical basis. This allowed analytical tests. The missing information was collected in a corporate survey.The CBA calculator contains all relevant information, and provides an appropriate environment for the decision-making processes of companies related to training.The present version of the CBA calculator was prepared in several stages, i.e. for the simpler and rough estimates companies only have to provide some basic information (e.g. the number of employees and in what qualifications they would like to train), and they receive the results immediately. Companies needing more complex estimates have to provide more specific information relevant to the given company. Thus the calculator serves with tailor-made information for companies in Hungary.

User guide (.pdf)